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How to top up Ads Credit?


Please login to this web site. The login button is at the left menu near the top. If you don't have a login account, you cannot advertise thus there is nothing for you to top up.


The top up is by credit card.


After successful login, click on the "My Ads" button at the top. and the link button for payment is within the page.


After successful payment, the credit will be automatically credit to your account that you had just used to login.



What if I don't have a login account?


You may subscribe to our PowerSearch with either a desktop or web version.


Those who do not have a login account with data.com.sg or PowerSearch may want to consider advertising at www.homecrawler.com.sg



What is homecrawler.com.sg?


This is a web site where properties are listed to public with your contact numbers. Your ads on that site will be open to public and also listed in PowerSearch. Homecrawler charges $3 per ad per week. It is reasonable priced to give you reasonably good exposure to thousands of public visitors daily.



Why is there a charge?


This small token payment assures the public of quality listings including yours. Free listings only encourages frivolous listings that become garbage to public visitors and agents.