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Guide To Transfer PowerSearch Over To A New Computer.

  1. Go to “My computer” on your old computer and go into Local Disk (C:)
  2. Locate and select the folder named “hiwire”
  3. Copy this folder to a portable hard disk or a thumbdrive will an available space of about 1.2GB.
  4. Connect the portable hard-disk or thumbdrive to the new computer
  5. Likewise, go to “My computer” on your new computer and go into Local Disk (C:)
  6. Copy and paste the “hiwire” folder into the new computer’s Local Disk (C:)
  7. Next, go into this folder- C:\hiwire\PowerSearch3 and locate file named “powsrch3.exe”.
  8. Select this file and RIGHT click on it.
  9. On the pop-up menu, select “send to”, “Desktop (create shortcut)”.
  10. For Windows Vista and 7 users, you need to RIGHT click and select “Run as”-“Administrator”; subsequently, when the computer asks if you want to allow it to run, you need to click ok to allow it.
    (note that you only need to do this once for the first time; subsequently, simply click on the PowerSearch shortcut to run the program).
  11. For Windows XP users, simply click on the PowerSearch shortcut created to run the program (don’t forget to plug in the dongle).


Guide To Transfer PowerSearch To Computers Without A CD-rom Drive.


You would need to first install PowerSearch on a computer with a CD-rom drive and then follow the steps above to transfer the program over. Alternatively, you would need to come to our office and we will help you install the program.


Alternative Method To Install PowerSearch If CD-rom Drive Fail To Install From CD.

  1. Create a new folder on desktop named “PS3”.
  2. Place PowerSearch installation CD into CD-rom drive.
  3. Go to “My computer”, “CD-rom drive”
  4. On the top menu options on the window, select “tools” (next to help option), and click “folder options”
  5. On the “folder options” menu, click on the “view” tab, then make sure “show hidden files and folders” is ticked/selected.
  6. Next, go back into the CD-rom drive window and select all of the folders and files listed in the CD.
  7. Copy all the folders and files and paste into the “PS3” folder that is created earlier on the desktop.
  8. In the “PS3” folder, simply click on “PowerSearch3setup.exe” file to start installation.